Quality Management Internal Audit Training and Courses

Edworthy Business Management Consultants provide a full suite of Quality Management training and courses to support their work in Quality Standards consultancy. When you work with us you are not simply acquiring pieces of paper and certificates, you are working towards substantial business improvement that can only be achieved with the active involvement of your entire team.

Our in-house training courses are designed specifically to support your organisation before, during and after the process, ensuring that your company retains its quality certification and continues to improve. The courses are built around keeping training skills in-house using your own existing Quality Principles; this makes standards simple to maintain and ensures that all members of your team are aware of the company ethos.

A key aspect of our quality management training courses is the training of internal auditors through a competency-assessed training seminar that trains internal auditors to maintain agreed quality standards within your organisation. So your organisation polices its own quality management system, inspiring an ongoing culture of Quality Management.

We also hold training courses that are open to public registration: if you would like to find out about these or any other courses at Edworthy Business Management Consultants, check our Training Courses page or contact our course administrator today at: admin@edworthyconsulting.com