ISO 22301: International Standard for Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a fundamental aspect of modern business practice: things do not always go according to plan, and certification to the ISO 22301 standard shows that you have examined and planned for risks that have the potential to severely disrupt your business. The achievement of ISO 22301 certification shows that your organisation is ready to protect your staff, reputation and service delivery in the even of a crisis.

Achieving the ISO 22301 is an assurance to all who have an interest in the running of your organisation that their interests are safe.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants offer help to organisations of all sizes in achieving the ISO 22301 by guiding them through the design, implementation and certification of their Business Continuity Management (BCM) system.

The steps we follow with you are:

  • helping your organisation's management to see a BCM system as a tool for pro-actively identifying and managing risk and improving your organisation’s standing with its customers;
  • understanding which areas are already working, so that resources can be focused where they will bring the greatest benefit;
  • evaluating the threats to your business, and quantifying the risks;
  • helping top management determine the organisation’s BCM strategy;
  • helping you establish business continuity plans;
  • integrating BCM with any existing management systems, so reducing the complexity of and streamlining your organisation's systems;
  • helping embed BCM in your organisation’s culture through interactive training and familiarisation;
  • supporting your organisation through its assessment by an independent third party certification body;
  • once your organisation has achieved its ISO 22301 certificate, we will help you to ensure that you retain the standard, no matter how the standard or your business changes over time.

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