Quality Management Systems

In today's economic climate, quality management is a vital factor in achieving – and maintaining – the right position in your market. As many of us are now competing in a truly global marketplace, high levels of quality are essential to build and retain both your brand and your customer base. To grow your business, you have two choices: you either provide and maintain high quality products and services, or you cut your prices.

Managing quality is undeniably important, whatever your industry. Demonstrating this ethos to prospective clients is becoming more of a determining factor when tendering for larger contracts. The processes that are assured by achieving an ISO 9001:2015 are held in high esteem, as are the businesses that follow them.

The Benefits of Quality Management in Your Organisation
Focussing on quality management in your organisation has two key effects:

  • firstly, as you cannot establish good quality management without understanding quality management risks and implementing the right processes to minimise those risks, achieving an ISO certification means that your business is running efficiently and using effective processes;
  • and once you have been certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant, your standing in the business community is enhanced.

How We Can Help You with Your Quality Management Processes
Edworthy Business Management Consultants has considerable experience of working with businesses to implement and improve quality management systems across many sectors, from the high-tech IT and software industries to tree surgeons and farm building construction.

In all cases, the quality management process we follow is based on close collaboration with your management team to ensure that systems are designed specifically to work within your business, with your resources and to your budget.

Experience has shown us time and time again that effective quality management systems must be tailored to suit your company, so that when we have finished you can manage the process easily in-house.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants works successfully with small and medium-sized organisations like yours to guide them through the process of improving and maintaining a high standard of quality management.

As our client we can help you in a number of ways:

  • work with you to clearly define your company objectives and to devise and implement effective Quality Management systems to achieve those objectives;
  • help set your company on the road to a successful ISO 9001:2015 certification, including choosing the right UKAS-accredited certification body;
  • conduct a pre-assessment audit to check your Quality Management systems before your actual assessment by the certification body;
  • help and support you throughout your Quality Management System assessment;
  • conduct independent post-certification audits to make sure you continue to comply with ISO 9001:2015.

Although the most requested result of our work is the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification, the process leading to the award is the aspect that businesses find benefits them the most.

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