Quality Improvement

A natural part of the quality consultancy process is undergoing a process of quality improvement, in which we assess the current effectiveness of your existing quality management systems and report our findings to the management team. Undertaking this process through a third party quality management consultant gives a far truer representation than conducting the work in-house, as the third party works outside of company politics.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants is not working in the dark when reporting on and making recommendations for quality improvement; our experience in the field means that we know what to look for. This means that our analysis is both effective and achievable within the existing structure of your organisation.

Once we have completed our assessment of your Quality Management systems, the findings are reported back to senior management for discussion and implementation. This powerful technique is used by businesses and organisations both large and small, all seeing a marked improvement in the quality of processes as a result of working with Edworthy Business Management Consultants.

Company directors can then move forward with a sure knowledge of how their Quality Management systems can improve. Edworthy Business Management Consultants support the process throughout, ensuring that managers and staff are fully involved in designing cost-effective improvements and that the solutions are applied successfully.

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