ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is an internationally-recognised quality management system (QMS) model which is applicable to all businesses and organisations, of all sizes. It focuses on quality of product and/or service and the processes that help all organisations to run more effectively, be they multinational industries or small charities – based on the fact that the processes that make organisations run well are all the same at heart. Organisations who have gone through the discipline to achieve an ISO 9001 certification invariably report an increase in success and a decrease in costs.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants helps organisations like yours to achieve ISO 9001 by guiding you through the design, implementation and certification of your management system; we do not rewrite your systems, but help you play to your strengths and make use of the team and resources you already have to successfully follow the path to ISO 9001 Certification.

In broad terms, the process we follow with you is:

  • We help your top management see a quality management system as a powerful tool for improving your organisation's performance, and so fully commit to the process.
  • We help you to understand what is already good in your organisation, so that your resources can be focussed where they will bring the greatest benefit.
  • We work with you to establish and produce the minimum of documentation needed for effective operation of the management system.
  • We run in-house training sessions to help your staff understand the benefits to be gained from their management system through interactive training and familiarisation.
  • We train your staff to conduct internal audits that bring value to the organisation, rather than simply ‘policing’ it.
  • We then guide your organisation through its first formal management system review to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We support you through your successful assessment by an independent third party UKAS-accredited certification body

.. and then we can all celebrate the achievement of your ISO 9001 certificate!

Once you have achieved your ISO 9001 certificate we are on hand to provide you and your internal auditors with any assistance needed to ensure that you keep your certification.

A key aspect of our work in helping you prepare for and achieve certification in ISO 9001 is that it is something that your entire organisation has to take part in and commit to. That is what makes it not just a piece of paper, but a way of making your business work to optimum performance. That is why ISO 9001 is so powerful.

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