ISO 27001

Approaching your ISO 27001 certification can be daunting for some organisations, but with the right help it will be easy to see how your Information Security Management System (ISMS) can achieve the ISO 27001 certification, as well as how your organisation can benefit from implementing an effective Information Security management system.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants provide expert guidance in achieving ISO 27001 certification; their wealth of experience in dealing with ISMSs for diverse businesses make them your ideal partners – whatever your organisation's area of activity. We are used to working with companies who are completely new to information security, as well as those who already have an ISMS in place and need to rework it.

To be truly effective, your organisation's ISMS must be based on its own specific needs and resources; it cannot be an 'off the shelf' product. So the first steps you need to take toward achieving your ISO 27001 involve design, implementation and monitoring of your organisation’s own management system.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants' role in helping you toward the certification involves a series of steps that are a collaboration with your organisation:

  • helping your top management to see an Information Security management system as a tool for minimising business risk and improving your organisation’s standing with its customers, as well as complying with legislation;
  • understanding what is already working in your business so that resources can be focused where they will bring the greatest benefit;
  • discovering your organisation’s information assets, such as databases and customer records;
  • helping you establish an action plan for managing your organisation’s information security risks;
  • establishing the minimum documentation needed for effective operation of the management system, so that your new system is concise, clear and accessible to all your team;
  • integrating your ISMS with your existing management systems such as Quality and Environmental Management so that you end up with one simplified process;
  • helping your staff understand the benefits to be gained from their Information Security Management System through interactive training and familiarisation;
  • training your own internal auditors to conduct audits that bring value and stability to your organisation, rather than simply policing it;
  • guiding your organisation through its first formal ISMS review to improve its effectiveness and performance;
  • supporting the organisation through its assessment by an independent UKAS-accredited third party certification body.

Once your organisation has achieved ISO 27001 certification, it will be subject to regular internal and external review, and Edworthy Business Management Consultants will be on hand to ensure that you maintain your certification.

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