ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems

If your organisation is moving towards ISO 14001 certification, you will benefit from working with an experienced environmental auditor like Edworthy Business Management Consultants. Although ISO 14001 is a fairly new standard that was only formalised in 1996, it is becoming increasingly important in business both global and local as a way of proving your environmental credentials. ISO 14001 is important whatever your industry, particularly if you are dealing with government or local authorities.

As well as this, there are significant savings to be made if your organisation works in an environmentally-conscious way: not least by cutting utility bills and cutting down on waste, but also reducing insurance and transport costs. Plus it makes your whole organisation look better to others.

We can help you through the certification process in a number of ways, guiding you through the design, implementation and finally the certification of your organisation’s environmental management system (EMS):

  • helping top management to see an EMS as a tool for reducing cost and improving your organisation’s standing in its marketplace;
  • discovering where and to what extent your organisation’s activities impact the environment;
  • understanding what is already working in your organisation, so that resources can be focussed where they will bring the greatest benefit;
  • helping you establish an action plan for managing your organisation’s environmental risks;
  • establishing the minimum of documentation needed for the effective operation of the EMS;
  • integrating the EMS with any existing management systems such as quality management, and so bringing in savings instead of operating several parallel systems;
  • helping staff understand the benefits to be gained from their management system through interactive training and familiarisation;
  • training internal management system auditors to conduct audits that bring value to the organisation, rather than simply ‘policing’ it;
  • guiding the organisation through its first formal EMS review to identify opportunities for improvements;
  • and supporting the organisation through its assessment by an independent UKAS-accredited third party certification body.

Once your organisation has achieved its ISO 14001 certificate, we are here to help you ensure that you retain your ISO 14001, no matter how the standards change over time.

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