Internal Audit of Your Environmental Management System

Once your EMS is in place, it is important to keep monitoring it to ensure that your systems are as good as they can be. In our EMS training, we provide courses aimed at equipping your staff with the skills necessary to run an internal audit of your company's Environmental Management system. Some organisations find it extremely useful to also run an independent audit either before the in-house courses are finished or just after to make sure that they know just what to expect when running their own audits.

Edworthy Business Management Consultants can also provide an EMS audit service when your own staff is not available, and many also find it highly beneficial to have a truly independent eye cast over their systems.

It is a good idea to check that your in-house EMS auditing procedures are running as well as they should be, and our internal auditing experience provides invaluable assistance, no matter what your industry.

The value of Edworthy Business Management Consultants as a well-regarded and highly qualified Environmental Management systems lead-auditor also means that you can use us to provide a truly independent audit of your suppliers, as their standards can impact on your company's own environmental performance.

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