Environmental Management Systems: Training & Courses

The concept of using an Environmental Management System (EMS) will be fairly new to many of your team, as will the idea that your organisation can benefit from the application of an EMS. This is why Edworthy Business Management Consultants supports their ISO 14001 clients with training that both demonstrates the value having an integrated EMS, while showing how this works within your organisation.

Our EMS training can be adopted in-house so that your organisation can run its own courses, covering the principles both to maintain current staff awareness and to educate new staff in your system.

Naturally, you can always call on Edworthy Business Management Consultants for maintenance and assessment of your training systems, but our aim is to ensure that you can adopt them as part of your company's internal processes, with minimum tweaks over time.

Our Environmental Management courses cover:

  • The principles of Environmental Management for both your management and staff, encouraging and equipping them to instigate and maintain your new system.
  • Training in internal auditing processes, leading to the appointment of your own Internal Auditors. This is a competency-assessed training seminar that trains auditors to bring value to your organisation, rather than simply policing your EMS.

This training of your own team to follow your EMS means that your staff are responsible for internal audits of your systems, and that those who are responsible for other systems such as Quality Management have the right information to successfully integrate them into a unified in-house process that your entire company can stand behind.

At the end of this implementation and training you will feel the benefits of having a fully and sustainably certified Environmental Management System in your business. You will be able to do business with larger companies, be more successful in your tenders especially with government projects, improve your environmental standing, and make cost savings as you waste less.

To find out more about how Edworthy Business Management Consultants can help you with Environmental Management courses, contact us today.

For details of our training courses please e-mail: info@edworthyconsulting.com